Monday, September 21, 2009

Another Week, Another Thing

THING 4: Sign up for Twitter (replaces official Thing 4)

What have I done?

I signed up for Twitter. Followers are involved. Not sure if they are following me or I am following them. Reminiscent of stalking.

I added NPR and the New Yorker, but am not sure what "adding" them is setting in motion. Will I get news scoops? That was my intention. Ads?? Ugh. Hmm. I should look for SLIS. Or the CCBC. Or a favorite library or librarian...

It was a little bit fun and a little bit creepy (okay, maybe a lot creepy) to see all kinds of people from my past pop up with photos and everything because at some time in the past we have emailed and this Twitter Thing has connected all the dots. Past romances, past colleagues, businesses in places where I no longer live. Is there such a Thing as the past any longer, other than a past that will haunt you? CHECK 9/21/2009

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