Sunday, October 11, 2009

In the News

THING 8: RSS Feeds and Blogline Registration

Aha! Those NYT, BBC, NPR, and Madison weather headlines that display on my Google homepage must be RSS feeds. (Um... is that right?) Always good to find out what's behind the magic.

Anyway, I've created the Bloglines account and added the button to my Internet Explorer Favorites. The "using bloglines" tutorial was really helpful, with all the screenshots, and the thorough step-by-step instructions. Very clear, linear thinker, the author. His note at the top of his post says that now, in 2009, Google Reader would be his reader of choice, though. Must explore...

THING 9: Subscribe to Feeds

Feeds added: I added the whole library group, then unsubscribed to a couple of individual feeds. I am left with Resource Shelf and Shifted Librarian. I also subscribed to the Comments page feed of the New Yorker, using the orange button, so that I can keep up with the scribblings of some favorite political writers. I tried to add a blog by copying the URL (no orange box or other shortcut), and got through the two layers of "Subscribe" in Bloglines, but ultimately the subscription failed. The blog is not hosted by any of the usual folks (blogspot, etc.), so I'm wondering if there are blogs that aren't feedable? How does content get transformed into XML and made available?

I'm not going to subscribe to 10 feeds tonight, as the Library 2.0 site dictates. I'd rather add feeds that I really want, as they occur to me or as I find them. Otherwise, I will be inundated with stuff that I don't really care to know...

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