Saturday, October 24, 2009

One Hit, Two Misses


The podcast and how-to information on the 23 Things page is not very helpful with this Thing. Sounds like a fun idea but how exactly do you do it? Do you google "image generator"? I went to one of the links (Generator Blog) but gave up--you have to know what you are doing. I went to another link (BigHuge Lab) and spent waaay too long trying to generate something and post it. I made a lame op-art montage of an old portrait photo, but all I could do was post a link to this blog, not the image. I tried to save it to my computer and then post it from there, but just got the eternal spinning wheel of doom. So all I've got here is a link. Diminishing returns...must move on to the next Thing. In my copious spare time I will return to this Thing and try again. When I have a real need for it.


Now THIS is addictive! I'm having great fun adding books to my library catalog, finding covers, discovering others who love the book I read 25 years ago and never forgot, discovering others who have put books I produced into their libraries. I've clued my 17-year-old librarian-in-the-making niece into it, so that we can share books and ideas in yet another way. When I have more time I will post comments (that time Thing again). I love reading comments from others. I can see this could be the Thing that I lose all track of time with.


Incredibly frustrating. I get the basic concept, but I can't get the site to work, to load anything. It might be fun to create a search engine for intellectual freedom or attention deficit disorder or college funding. If I could get Rollyo to respond.

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