Thursday, November 19, 2009

You Tube, Me Tube, Everybody Too Tube


Something else to squander oodles of time on. This could be almost as bad as Harry Potter's Mirror of Erised. TV clips from the 1970s (see Information Professional in the preceding post). Formative music from adolescence that is nowhere to be found but--miraculously--is here. On a hunch, I even found clips of my own son (hands only) playing the piano.

Seriously, this is the place to find anything that anyone bore witness to with a camera, or that was ever recorded on video. I would like to see a better Help function, and of course the files are so big that computers may not be able to keep up with the download at busy times. But as an information source, as well as an entertainment source, this is huge. In terms of spreading news, getting the word out, You Tube is free and anyone can post, so commercial and political interests may not have power to censor. (Remember the debates?) But as Google gets bigger and bigger, will it remain so (absolute power corrupts...)?

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